We run walkies 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. And weekends are subject to availability.


We walk between two and three times a day. See a rough idea of our timings below, but note that it depends on seasons and how early it gets dark:

Morning Walkies 10.00am onwards.

Midday Walkies 12.30pm onwards.

Afternoon Walkies 2.30pm. 

  • £12 for a group walk per dog. 
  • £19 for two dogs to join a group walk.

Individual Walkies

If you work different hours from 9am-5pm or have a puppy / older dog who needs special care, contact me to discuss the different arrangements.  

  • £16 for an individual walk.
  • £10 for 30 minute home visit for puppies, older dogs, small pets (cats, bunnies etc).

What we include on walkies

  • We use our own leads, poo bags and transport.
  • We pick up your dog and drop him home afterwards.
  • When it’s been wet and muddy he’ll have a good rub down on return.
  • If you need feeding or drop in checks extra, we can arrange those separately.

Use up their energy swimming, running and playing with other dogs.

Free introductory Pawsome Walkie

Dogs are naturally pack animals and like company. But I need to ensure that all the dogs are likely to get on well, to ensure every dog is happy. We need you to commit to a minimum of 2 walks a week for the first month, so that we can get to know your dog.

To make sure that the right kind of dogs join our packs we:

  • Take your dog on a free introductory walk to see how he/she will get on with the pack.
  • We’ll check their recall, temperament and general behaviour.
  • Afterwards, we can chat through any special requirements that your dog needs.
  • It might be that your dog would benefit from having a walk on its own, rather than in a pack. We offer individual dog walkies too.

Pet visits

Need someone to drop in to look after your small pets (like cats and rabbits) at home, water your garden and put the bins out while you’re on holiday? We can also pop in once or twice a day for a 30 minute visit to feed, play and clean litter trays or pet bedding.  Price upon enquiry.

Next Steps …

Call us on 07860 458669 or email to discuss how our dog-walking services can help you.