Pawsome Walkies is a dog walking service to give your dog freedom while you’re at work. Freedom to run, play, swim, chase about with other friends.  A chance to stretch their legs and go bonkers!

We take your dog out and about into green spaces, where they’re let off the lead to explore and have a fantastic run-about. I supervise them playing, swimming, jumping and generally going bonkers!

The kind of dog that will get on well in our pack is one who has lots of energy. So when you get home after a hard day at work you get a calm dog, who greets you with a wagging tail. Not one who needs immediate attention and walks right now!

My dog walking service is focused around Stoke Gifford, Harry Stoke, Stoke Park, Little Stoke, Stoke Lodge, Bradley Stoke and BS34. We explore local green spaces and parks around the North Bristol area, with special trips out to Snuff Mills and Blaise Castle for longer midday walkies.

Dogs running and playing

Morning Walkies

  • Pick up from 10.00 am
  • 1 hour + pick up and drop off
  • £12 a walk. (£19 for two dogs).

Midday Walkies

  • Pick up from midday.
  • 1 hour + pick up and drop home.
  • £12 a walk (£19 for two dogs).

Afternoon Walkies

  • Pick up from 2.30pm. (Seasonally dependent)
  • 1 hour + pick up and drop off
  • £12 a walk. (£19 for two dogs).